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I love that Isaac and Meike facilitate active involvement in retreats, with individual and group inquiry. It is the opposite to a retreat where a group of people sit and passively receive words of wisdom and a teaching. Everyone contributes during the course of the retreat, everyone is invited to be seen deeply, and all experience is valued and included in the field. Gradually an authentic feeling of a team develops, and it is clearly one inclusive field - not just about the person at the front. There are so many aspects of the retreats which makes me relax and feel safe, like the invitation to trust the body’s needs and honour that flow, whether it is to sleep, go to the toilet, go for a walk, move the body or ask for touch – and the invitation to conversational silence, so that not talking becomes a sweet option, but not an imposition. This allows the usual social conventions to fall away, and for deeply authentic being with self and others to emerge. These invitations are pure joy and relief for an inner system that longs for this. The interest to live life authentically and beautifully – this is what I’m here for and what is longed for. And just to see your smile and hearing your laugh relaxes something deep in me. I love the skilled way you explore each new situation, and the ways you don’t know, and learn with us with humour, in a transparent exploration including it all, so it sinks in deeper that we’re all in the same boat. The format of the retreat allows every person to be seen by the group, one by one, showing their tender uniqueness beyond the masks. The way Isaac and Meike are respectfully inclusive of the different ways life expresses, invites everyone in the group to a gentleness. One by one, as people reach out with genuine warmth & compassion, the quality of connection in the group field begins to soften and deepen.
I love the opportunity this creates to really be me, to be received just the way I am. I love the permission to honour and notice how life moves in me, to let life flow through in a beautiful unencumbered way. The suffering gradually evaporates in its own time, and an ever deepening okayness and enjoyment opens up. I love that simplicity, that awake flow I know I was born for.
At retreats where people facilitate similar nondual teachings, is when its highlighted so much to me what a gem it is that you offer. By being available casually as you are, the whole teacher student dynamic is preciously absent. I love the vibrant deeply relaxed and alive community created at your retreats.
How you share your insights with us so we become more skilful at understanding how automatic patterns act out & noticing clumsy reaches for attention.
So much appreciation, and depth of love to you both.

Bless you
thank you



Intensive in Hamburg 10.-12.06.2016

Es gab große Freude und Dankbarkeit dafür, dass Isaac u n d Meike da waren. Das gemeinsame Spiel der Aufmerksamkeit beider, der große Schmelz der Präsenz Meikes dabei befriedete tief. Auch beider körperliche Nähe wurde viel gesucht, meistens von Frauen. Manchmal gruppierten sich mehrere zugleich zu ihren Füßen. Es gab ein starkes, tiefes Miteinander, ausgelöst auch durch Themen wie Partnerschaft, vorgeburtliche Prägung und unbewusste Prägungen durch die Beziehung von Mutter und Vater. Da war viel Liebe ohne Ansehen der Person, ohne Wollen. Großer Dank!




Isaac and Meike, in their retreats, create a community space in which people are received and held, just as they are, in a field of unconditional love. This brings virtually everyone to a place in themselves beyond their illusory grandeur or smallness:
they come home in who they really are.
Somethings shifted in me that I started to integrate in my life already during the retreat.

Mauk Pieper
Venwoude Life School



These days the non dualistic message is everywhere: no I, no world, no effort. Nothing to change, just consciousness.
What a relief!
And then there is life with challenges like relationship crises and suddenly the I that needs to change something enters the stage again. Remembering that this is only a cloud obscuring the sun, just a passing illusion feels like something from another world.
Isaac and Meike provide an environment in which the minefield of identifications can be explored and even the most solid patterns dissolve. Most of these involve our humanness and relating to other humans: they are true masters in inviting you to look for yourself what is true. They provide safety to explore that what feels like life threatening and inspire toexperience something that sometimes seems even more scary:
the richness of the human experience.




This retreat was an extraordinarily penetrating dive into an ever-deepening Mystery, into a never-ending irresistible exploration of what is here Now, carried by a field of Truth and Presence co-created by all of us.
As "my" life becomes ever more impersonal, "ownership" to anything becomes less and less meaningful.
These retreats are indeed Mysteries. Things have happened there that were to me impossible....the odds for them to occur felt like one to ten million, or something like that.




I felt immersed in the love and silence and could feel that with every cell in my body. So inspiring.
The whole community feels like family.
It was my 1st time , but not the last.




After enjoying sitting with Isaac and Meike for many years, this spring (2016) a complete new level of depth and appreciation for their work opened in me. The loving space that those two awesome human-beings are holding as an opportunity to meet oneself fresh, new, in this moment, is sublime!
It's stunningly simple, totally loving, and it creates such a relaxed and deep level of pure intimacy and acceptance for all present. Being able to meet so many people precisely where they are, how they are, each as a unique 'expression of totality', is the greatest gift you can give yourself.
For in experiencing that, in a natural and effortless way that space opens for yourself too.

Chahat Corten




Having participated in the Chiemsee-retreat for several years, I came to Venwoude for the first time in May 2016. Amidst the forest a wonderful place for exploration – being supported from the strong and loving sangha as well as from the powerful nature.
And this time I experienced a major shift in my system: Resting as awareness I could perceive my unconscious and automatic patterns without entangling in them! What I knew and had heard several times before became an experience – powerful, nurturing and opening new spaces.
When I arrived at home after the week and the allday-tsunami of patterns became like a wall of water rolling towards me, I sensed, that the shift had caused fundamental changes in the system, that feel irreversible - an infinite precious treasure for life.

Thank you, Isaac, thank you, Meike!

Rainer Lanz



This year I attended the two-week Silent Retreat at Venwoude in the Netherlands. I have known Isaac since 1999 and love to attend the retreats. For me, Isaac and Meike are a living example of non-judgement, creating a truly safe space, where everybody can be what he or she is as a human being. This invited me to enquire into the contraction active in my nervous system, around what had felt existential for me over a period of 6 years divorcing my now ex-wife. The stress took its toll and it became an unaware “normal” state of being in me. During the retreat the contraction became conscious. There was no judgment and simply recognised as a survival mechanism. After a couple of days my system felt more at ease and I was able to return to my inner state of knowing, -nothing to change, nothing to fix. All is well.
Now, back at home, this peace is still active in me and I’m again able to recognise when my system returns to a state of survival. Not to suppress or avoid it, just gently recognise whats happening and to be able to live it when my system requires it, and to come out of the contraction when it is not necessary anymore.
Appreciation for Isaac and Meike and the loving team of people in the retreat.
I have found myself again.
I am forever grateful to have met Isaac and accept Isaac as somebody who can guide me in my journey of life.
With love for ever.

Danny Vermeeren



Grateful beyond words for finding this, for what Isaac and Meike show, invite and embody. A bath of love and truth.


From the first moment it changed my life completely.


A deep feeling and experience of coming home, of truth and of love. Of deep connection beyond any boundaries, and of being so welcome with whatever arises. Beyond words fulfilling... A never ending miracle ... '


Biggest gift one could imagine... Beyond words fulfilling and healing.


Eva Brouwer